Gacha Press Chapbook Series 2019 Bundle


Buy both E is for Epal and Velocirupture.

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E is for Epal Overdue Pamphlet of Poetry from Paolo Manalo

“Doing what he does best and what only he can, the poet throws creative chaos in the air, as always, and waves it like he just doesn’t care. He then catches the mayhem with sharp wit and jagged words, blindfolded, and sprinkles the sliver of beauty on paper. Jolographer than ever, Manalo’s latest literary toknenengs are just so good I almost feel honored that he’s also known to some as the poemer Bob Ong. GIF smiley.” -Bob Ong


Velocirupture Debut poetry collection from Michael Balili

“Velocirupture’s startling juxtapositions and figurations of free-range absurdity and tenderness mark Michael Balili as a troubadour of our troubled times.” – Caroline Hau


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